Monday, July 30, 2007

No I haven't evaporated ...

How could I in this humidity? I've just been ... mmm ... busy, out of town, lazy, whatever. I always debate how much "personal" blah-dee-blah to include on this blog. No one probably visits a craft blog to read about someone else's strife ... I mean, who doesn't have STUFF of their own? It's enough to say that I have been distracted from stamping by Real Life lately and am hoping to get back into some kind of balance with my LIFE and stamping this week. I really hope so.

On the lighter side, my new catalog SU! order is supposed to be delivered tomorrow (yeah!) and I also have not inked up enough of my A Muse stamps from the new release so I doubt I'll be in need of something new and fun to play with. (Shhhh ... I just got Babs in the mail from the Ink Spot ... hee hee! I am officially not allowed to buy anymore stamps. <-- famous last words) I am pretty excited and hope to have something to SHARE soon soon soon!

For now though, I am going to give away some fun stamps and STUFF!!! Whoopee! I'll do the drawing tomorrow so please leave a comment on that post. Thank you all so much for all the comments. Hooray! Be sure to check back tomorrow night to see if you've won!!

Have a great week.


Nancy said...

Welcome back...I hope you had a nice trip. I'm looking forward to seeing more cards :)

Liz said...

Hi Sarah...was wondering how you were doing. I was truly worried about you since I do check your blog daily (no I'm not a psycho stalker!). I hope that everything is okay with Real Life and hope that you'll get back in the swing of things with stamping again. I've missed your regular posts. Can't wait to see what you do with Babs!