Friday, June 22, 2007

More winning and swapness

Kristina Lewis won the drawing from among the A*Muse Ambassador contestants. You go girl! (She's just sent me an adorable swap! Yeah!) Congrats! She won some cute stuff.

Speaking of swaps. I have all of my first full cards in my hands and swapped. I hope to get to the post office tomorrow. I'm working on posting all of the cards online tomorrow. But tonight I am too bleary eyed to type anymore. Sorry ... another evening at the pool ... I'm zapped. THANK YOU ladies for your swaps. They totally rock and I'm ecstatic to post them.

Lastly ... I have one lonely little ATC swap spot left to fill ... any takers?

Have a great weekend.

Ps. Thanks for the email Liz! I did get your swaps today ... they are awesome! THANK YOU!!

1 comment:

Liz said...

Hi Sarah! Glad they FINALLY got there! I'll take that last spot for the ATC!