Friday, May 18, 2007

A teensy bit o' biz ...

Just so y'all don't miss out I wanted to post a few important announcements.

1. DON'T forget to register for A*Muse*A*Palooza. They just posted the winners (FOUR lucky gals) for the random drawings for weeks 1 and 2. FREE stuff!! Just for signing up. FREE A Muse stuff. Can you get better than that???? No, I didn't think so. Feel free to tell them that Sarah Bertolino referred you. I'd be most appreciative.

2. Speaking of free stuff ... don't miss out on this fun and easy contest. Guess how many stamps are in Jennifer's suitcase! You could win $100 in A Muse swag. Awww yeh.

3. I'm still hosting an A Muse full card swap. I have one 6 person group going and I'd love to do another. Please see this post for all details. Leave a comment here or on that post (or email me) if you are interested or have any questions. It's going to be fun*a*palooza!!!

4. Check out this post if you love A Muse like I do. See if you can keep yourself from getting tingly all over.

Now back to our regularly scheduled A Muse card posting marathon!

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