Friday, April 06, 2007

Oops I did it again...

I am totally stalled on a card tonight ... phooey!

Maybe a brief self-imposed hiatus from the online craft world will cure my blog-surfing-induced-stamp-envy-itis. You know that affliction right? It goes something like this ... if only I had that gorgeous PaperTreyInk set (or insert other latest/greatest stamp set) then all my cards would be as beautiful as Debbie Olson's (or insert other totally fabulous talented artist who must have some kind of magic power or else how else do they find the time to make these incredible cards AND have a life/kids/husband/breath in and out?). Oh I'll miss you terribly Amuse New Stamp Gallery and you stamping bella blog (when will you post the Fellas?) and you, Linda from Amuse (can you say Marvy Clever Lever Punches?!) and you twisted flaxy chick Michelle, whose love for Basic Grey is second only to MINE????

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