Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I totally cannot think of a clever/pithy title today so I'll just leave it as that. I expended all extraneous energy channeling Betty Crocker and man am I beat! That said I did manage to get my Bella on and stamp a little teeny bit. I have a few b'day cards to make for the near future so I had better get cracking.
Here's what I managed tonight.

There's always something about every card that I wish was perfect but in general I say, "Feh, so what!" Though, since I brought it up, today it's the stickles. I'm too impatient to let them dry "au natural" so I used my embossing gun and I think they got a smidge burnt (at least the diamond ones at her hips and on the top of her hat look funky). Otherwise, I'm pleased. I versamarked the whole HB layer and did II EP on it. The main color is lovely lilac but I colored also with orchid. Given the recent climate regarding intellectual property etc and with all due respect to that conversation, I will mention that I was inspired to do the faux stitching by this card (by Taylor). Props to her.
Here's a tag I did last week for a "emergency kit" of sorts for my dear sister who watched the peeps last weekend when the Old Man and I were gone. It turned out smashing. AND I actually USED some of my On Board chipboard fruitfully, instead of hoarding it or ruining it. (Gack!)

I used Everyday Flexible Phrases and the 1/4" Karen Foster Snap Stamps for the back. It's simple but I'm really proud of it. I used PIP and Regal Rose (and of course, the Loves Me DS -- RIP till the new catty, right?!?!) and used the versamarker/IIEP on her outfit/cape.


PS. Lakisha and Melinda Doolittle in the AI finals, that's all that needs to be said. Everyone else need not apply. As a general rule, no one should sing Whitney but Whitney (the same can be said for Mariah, Celine and as Sundance proved last night, apparently Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam) but Lakisha totally rocked tonight and Melinda is so good it's almost a crime. Word.


Allison said...

Great card! BTW, I love your pithy outlook on life...I always admire a little sarcasm (read truth) from my compadres in the blogging world!

bethtrue said...

Sarah - I want to know what the "auntie's little helpers" were. :-) my guess - M&M's?

tee hee - great tag. unfortunately i can't view the other pic; i think my company's blocked it.

thanks for sharing your stories and your great creations!

Beth (tired mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)