Friday, February 23, 2007

Whoever came up with "TGIF" ...

never had small children. Seriously, we're all fried. BUT I have good news friends (all 3 of you) I did get some stamping in today. I did another BOMB card but I have to keep it under wraps for the time being. (Wouldn't it be lovely if it was because it was going to be published somewhere and I was going to be paid in real live MONEY .... ahhhh, let's just revel in that fantasy for a moment ..... and now back to reality.)

Okay, first things first. I read this post today by the gal who is the creative mastermind behind the Bellas and wanted to make sure to give her the props she's due. So, all darling little gals are her stamps, not mine. Legalese-blah-dee-blah. Bellas RULE. Word.

With that said, here's one of the cards I got accomplished today...

{Can someone explain while I can't get these pics to link properly???? Jeez it's annoying. They should be "click-able" and open up into a whole new window. Grrrr. ETA: I FIXED IT!!! Hooray! Yippee! and Yeah!}

I did the card on almost amethyst and some (will insert exact kind later) Basic Gray patterned paper AND finally used some of that ribbon (it's velvet, pretty but also a pain to work with) that started this whole blog deal-io back up again. Hooray there. The blingware brad in the middle of the two reg brads is a crystal brad by making memories. I did some sponging round the amethyst layer ... I could go into even more excruciating detail about some amethyst/green galore/pumpkin pie test stamping fiasco but that might put the 3 of you into a deeper coma -- who'd want that? (and yes that color combo is a gross as it sounds, just find your happy place and try to forget I ever mentioned it). The last two things I can't stop myself from mentioning are 1. used the ubiquitous stardust stickles on her hat and present and 2. yes, I am a rose red addict. I absolutely cannot complete a card without it and if a card doesn't have rose red on it I break out in a cold sweat. Not a pretty thought. Go back to your happy place and try to get some rest. That's where I'm going.

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Allison said...

I love your bella and outlook on TGIF. My kids are killing me lately and now I have one with the flu and one with the croup for the weekend...OMG, every bone in my body is already tired! Grins!