Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy! Happy! Happy!

{Sad little Sesame Street reference there but what are you going to do??? There's a preschooler amongst us.}

The reason that I'm so happy is this ...

and this.
Aren't they peachy keen? The stamps, I mean. We'll the cards aren't too bad. The first one (miss cosmobella) I like especially. She has SSGP all over her, even in her bev. Bartender can I get a bling-a-tini? And if that weren't enough (and maybe it should have) there's the gi-gundo bling on the Sentiment Strip. Also, I took the open flower from polka dots and petals and stamped it on the cool carib layer then dotted the centers with my white gel pen (props to that pen, it rocks). Unfortunately, this layer and more importantly this bomb of a detail is obscured by miss cosmo thing herself. Oh well, this happens all the time in my cardmaking. Anyway, every ding dong layer is up on dimensionals (I channel thee, atomicbutterfly) and just for fun I distressed the edges aiming for some kind of boho-chic look but probably not attaining it. And, ps, the scanner made her hair look kinda queer, it's not so IRL.
The second card was made a lot faster and probably shows it. She's a cutie too. Cameo coral is the strangest color ... it really looked day-glo until the card was done and all elements were included. Oh and I don't want to forget to mention that I was inspired by this cool card --> to do that flap/brad element. Ahhh, gotta have love for the bellas. Sigh.
ETA: I've been trying to tweak this post but I am getting thwarted + 'frusterated' so I'm going to leave it alone now. Sorry for the goofy last paragraph.
Lastly,I need help. What does this card need?
It doesn't feel right to me. Please post a comment or something if you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. I think it's the big marigold background that feels harsh or overwhelming but maybe it's just fine ... opinions please.

Ok, it's late and tomorrow's important, I'm off to bed.


Lezlye said...

I like this card just the way it is! SOmetimes it's hard to use the little stamps.

Kirsten said...

I think the card is great! I CASEd Starofmay's card, too, on my blog - Love her stuff!
Thanks so much for the link! Your blog is great - I love the "food for thought" on the sidebar!