Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh no I di-int!!!!!

Oh yes I did.

I got bit. Bit by the Cuttlebug ... and it hurts so good. How could I not?? Joann's was having the biggest flippin' sale. Sheesh! Just think of all the money I saved today. Really! So I bought the bug, 2 embossing folders (the flowers + swirls) and the sliders die cuts. Tee hee!

Here's my first card courtesy of my cute little green 'bug.

I am generally pleased with this card and I had a lot of fun making it. The colors are Artichoke (1st time using this color -- love it), PIP, whisper white & a teeny, tiny, nearly accidental bit of chocolate chip. I sponged the embossed layer with cocoa, I'm not sure about that. I tried sponging some scraps I embossed (hee hee, I'm giddy just typing that) with white craft ink and I think it's going to take some practice. Anyway, I should just put a disclaimer at the top of my blog that says I put Stardust Gel Pen on EVERYTHING, 'cause I did it here too. It really is a nice effect in real life.

I had some time to browse my buh-zillion blogs today and came across this post, via JulieHRR's blog. Although I am new to posting here and on SCS, I really liked what Joan had to say about making cards (etc) because it's fun and not to impress "someone" -- a good reminder for me. There is really so much amazing, beautiful, talented artwork out there and it's easy to get caught in the "I'm not/my work's not good enough" trap. (True in so many areas of life, don't you think?) I am really enjoying playing/working with my paper crafts more than ever before and truly my time in my craft space keeps me sane. Our lives are hectic (I've got no monopoly on that, I know) but this is something just for me, for my enjoyment and I love it and want to keep LOVIN' it for a long, long time. Thanks for the reminder, Joan.

Word up.


Allison said...

Well done...that flower stamp goes so well with the embossed BG...great colors too!

Taylor VanBruggen said...

What a pretty Cuttlebug card! And I love your title... no I di'int! I can't help saying it in my head and doing a head shake. KWIM? ;)

bethtrue said...

Sarah - just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog - you're so funny!! :-) And your card creations are gorgeous - love the Bellas and i love this one too!! enjoy your CB (like you need someone to tell you that!!) ha ha.

Oh Yes She Did!!!


~Beth~ (tired Mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)