Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Leaving So Soon?

Yes. Thank Heavens!! Tomorrow is the big day. The Old Man and I are taking a petite trip away from the kids. Our first time away from the kids together ever and our first non-family-visiting-vacation since our trip to Japan in 2000 (actually my picture to the right in the side bar was taken while we were in Tokyo ... ahhhh, good times).

Anyway, I will be away from the computer etc for a few fab-oo days, though I will miss my little stamp sanctuary, maybe. A little. My darling sister is going to be taking over our two ring circus for the weekend (well, both sisters, mother & a couple of best pals are all coming through with some big time help). Bless them all!!

Hey, isn't this supposed to be some kind of stamp-related, paper oriented blog?? Yeah, I think I remember something about that ... here's one I did for the Old Man for this weekend ... (sigh) ... guess it's a good thing he never reads my blog unless I force him to, ha ha ha! ...

OK, the "deets" (dEtails): Celery, PIP, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White Paper. I used the 'Bug on the Chocolate layer and sponged with craft white and I'm still not entirely happy with the effect, looks splotchy. Maybe next time I'll try brayering it with ink. I sponged Caramel round the white layer and Cocoa on the patterned paper (the stuff from the SellABration {RIP SAB, I shall miss you so} Scrappin' Kit). I did the IIEP/Versamarker trick on the dress again. I actually scanned this before I did that step but I truly cannot love most cards until they pass the "bling" test (*insert nerd voice-over* approximately 5-10% minimum bling coverage rate) and so on went the Iridescent Ice and it was rescanned. I'm unhappy the sentiment isn't centered properly but OH WELL. I have a mantra that I chant to myself when I start to get overcritical of my work (uh, fun!! Stamping is FUN!!), "Hand made with love." So all in all I'm pleased with this card.

Please tune in again next week. I have some really awesome (if I do say so myself) biz to post. I have been working on some hush hush stuff and will be able to post it by Monday. So, y'all come back now y'hear.


Allison said...

Another great bella...keep 'em coming!

bethtrue said...

Sarah - wow cute card! i have a Bella order coming to me in the mail as we speak; can't wait!!

have a nice vacation - sounds like it is very overdue!! we'll look forward to hearing all about it and seeing your new creations upon your return! safe travels!!

Beth (mommy to a feisty 3 1/2 year old dynamo)