Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Balloonabella Redux

Here's a card I did last night. The irony of which is that I picked out colors etc for this card intending to use this turquoise velvet ribbon I found at Mike's (see link in previous post for details of ensuing hilarity in regards to this) and ultimately I couldn't find a spot to put the ribbon. Oh well, more ribbon for later I suppose. Here it is:

The important things I noted about this card are as follows 1) I finally used some Primas! {thanks for the inspiration Tish} I love them! But always "finish" a card before I can find a spot for them. Pity. B) Homemade white brads can be dangerous. I didn't know it was possible but you can get a burn on the surface of your fingernail. Just drop molten hot EP on it and Voila! 3) I did the usual on this gal, reinkers/blender pens, crystal effects (CE) on the balloons and SSGP (sakura stardust gel pen) on her dress. I scanned the card before I put CE on though. Finally D) I included a sentiment (and put SSGP on it post-scan, though).

My goal for tonight is to upload some photos onto splitcoast. I'm really excited about this. I brainstormed with my biz mgr (aka outnumbered) and decided on the ones to debut. Keep your eyes peeled (well, of course I'll gratuitously link back here and post 'em here too). I'm not sure though, three posts in two days might cause this blog to implode. We'll see.

Ps. Please note no ellipses. How proud am I?

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