Monday, February 19, 2007

Bad Blogger! Bad!

You know you're a bad blogger when your sidebar is longer than all your posts.


Well, I'll just see what happens from here. I think I'll try this aimed more at the crafty side o' life and maybe I'll get better at it. (Side note: I just had to go back and change all the subjects of my sentences from plural to singular ... sad sad multiple personalities cropping up, a pet peeve of mine -- refering to oneself in the plural, not the psychiatric diagnosis ... okay full stop.) (Ok, just one more, you know you're a bad blogger when your text inside parentheses is longer than your text OUT of parentheses. Eek.)

Allright-y-then. Now onto the ego boosting part of my blog ... Here are two ridiculously awesome cards I did last night ....

Hmmm ... well, maybe "ridiculously awesome" is overstating it a tad, but I'm still pretty fond of it even if it does feel somewhat unfinished (Where's the sentiment for pity's sake? Really!!). I'm actually thinking of using it as a template for Missypants' birthday invite so if you plan on being invited .... forget you ever saw this {waving hands in a way that makes you want to forget ... something}.

And if you can't tell from my scan or your own psychic abilities I need to point out that I used Crystal Effects on the balloons (wheeeee!!!) and Sa-ku-rah!? stardust gelly roll pen on as many parts of this little lady as possible.

Now onto the second card.

To paraphrase the immortal words of Kevin Costner (or was it the disembodied voice of KC's dad??) in “Field of Primas” (or was that Dreams?) "Oh, Debbie Designs If you post it, I will CASE" --- thus my card. The layout is unsatisfactory and slightly wonky because I got a little cocky in my assertion that the polka dot stamp from PD+Paisley is FOOL proof. I had to hide some really crappy stamping under that white piece (hurts to be so cheap you can’t spare yourself another ½ sheet of apricot, doesn’t it?). Anyway … I think I’ll stamp the “find joy” stamp inside.

Alright, I think we're done with cards for tonight.

Tonight is momentous ... I'm coming out!!! No, not that way, just on SCS, out from lurkerhood or lurkerdom or wherever.
[See this post on SC to understand, you have to be reg'd as a demo to view it ... sorry gsk ... ]
Anyway I wanted to have a real blog to link to when I did. And while one blog post in 5-6 months does not a REAL blog make, we've all got to start somewhere right??

And we're off (like a terd of hurtles ... love you Tish!)

Ps. I promise that next time I'll try to cut down on the use of ellipsisses, ellipses, these things --> ... I also promise to post a card or two with a sentiment on it -- how novel!

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