Sunday, October 08, 2006

This is only a test.

Hello. Is anyone there? Hello!

This is the start of something ... not sure what exactly but something. Maybe I'll write about the ol' fam. Maybe about crafty stuff. I hope whatever ends up on here is interesting and posted often. Those are two of my early goals (early as in before six am because the kid woke us up screaming like he was being forced to wear a long sleeved shirt -- petrifying if you're 3 nearly 4 -- when in reality it was just a damp pair of pj pants. Good grief, Charlie Brown.)

Anyway, I'll save the introductions for a bit later but here goes nothing. Posting my first blog post. The baby's helping me celebrate with a good long, nap deprived, you-must-hold-me-and-finish-typing-one-handed cry.

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