Monday, October 09, 2006

Blog Day 2 -- Still going strong. Woo hoo.

Not that I have anything interesting to write. I thought I'd post how the day went. That'll be a good start. Missypants did great in PT today. She was really stretching her right arm out while lying face down across my lap. She was playing/pushing her UFO toy (that toy is really giving favorite toy #1 "Wierd Squiggly Pink Squishy Ball" a run for it's money as best toy to get her interested in playing -- how totally awesome is that!?) while she was across my lap. If I or her PT put it near her hands (right or left) she'd open her hands up all the way and push it to "MAKE IT GOOOO!" She didn't really want to extend her left arm forward much at all and got really cranky when we forced her to do that. All of this was done on one of the swings in the gym (sounds complicated doesn't it?) and after that we went into the "Sensory Room" and she sat in front of the Fiber Optic Curtain (thing-a-ma-bob) and was just doing an awesome amount of scanning and looking at it, not to mention grabbing and holding it. She's really making a lot of progress visually in that she doesn't need to be in "THE" perfect position (ie, a lap or lying down) in order to engage something visually - A MAJOR change from a few months ago. She totally rocks.
She's been in a really decent mood lately too. I think her teething must have abated somewhat because she's been a lot less the definition of "IRRITABLE". Also, supplementing the nursing with Pediasure/Formula, however expensive, is really helping her disposition too. I hate thinking that she was "starving" but that's another thing that has been introduced over the last month or so.
Misterpants (Ha!) had a good day too. He must really play hard at school because his teacher raved about his day but as soon as he got buckled into the van a switch flipped and he went all Mr. Hyde on me: screaming, crying, the whole tantrum works and then just as quickly he fell asleep. Terrible twos is one thing (unreasonable-ness and mindless mobility) but three + is plotting, determined, unyeilding and emotional. Yikes. I worry about him sometimes because his conversation skills seem somewhat behind his peers (most of the time that's balanced by the fact that basically he can read at a near grade school level and the fact that, socially speaking, boys develop more slowly) but he seems to be catching up.

Ok. I'm running out of steam here but I wanted to post a pic of this blog's namesake ... mainly to see if I can get this right. If I can then watch out blogosphere !!!

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