Friday, October 05, 2007

Not my own work ...

I feel so fortunate to be receiving such wonderful mail this week. Here are a few cards from some wonderful stampers. These first three cards are birthday RAK's through the amuseaddicts yahoo group. They are each really special and I am so grateful!! Thank you ladies!

I just got two more in the mail today so hopefully I'll get them photographed and uploaded tonight.

I also received a wonderful RAK from Tami Wood (A Muse Instructor Extraordinaire!) She sent these super fun ATC's ... aren't they awesome?!

Tami also sent this totally fab Halloween card. Check out all the fun details: the inside is stamped, notched and has floss (?) ... so cool. The entire card is just so much fun. I especially love how she used the brackets ... what a great idea. THANK YOU TAMI!!!

The only problem with all these cards is that it's really adding a lot of stamps to my wish list!!! Seriously. Thanks everyone!

Lastly but not leastly ... I hope everyone saw the big announcement over at Linda's blog today. My best gal TISHA is one of the elite members of A Muse's new clear design team. All I can say is WAH-HOOO!!!! Congrats girl! Miss Tish is an extremely talented stamper who manages to make all of it (stamping, motherhood, friendship etc) look easy and fun. She rocks.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Happy birthday to someone so sweet and nice and amazingly talented! And happy Card Making day, too! Make sure you let us know how you spent your day!
Best wishes; Tinla

Anonymous said...

hb girlfriend. You made out like a bandit.