Saturday, December 15, 2007


Hi! It's me again. And this time I have a tiny little bit o' stamping to share. My youngest sister is graduating from college today! Woo hoo. I'm so proud of her (even if she did go to "the school that shall not be named"). Here's the card that I made for her ...
The sentiment is by A Muse and the skull image is from Just Johanna. The rest of what I used is pretty standard. There's stardust pen on the outline of the skull ... it looks RAD but didn't show up in my scan.
Meanwhile, I am just floundering in unfinished Christmas tasks. I thought that since last year I made thirty GORGEOUS Christmas cards that I never sent I'd be ahead of the game this year but not so much. {Remind me to post those cards. They are so B.A. (bad a$$), if I do say so myself, which is not what I usually am able to say about cards (etc) I made a year ago.} Anyway, beyond cards, I have Christmas presentos to buy and teacher/therapist thank you's to make and write and finish and my house to clean and on and on and on it goes. Thankfully my oldest is really really PSYCHED about Santa Claus this year and that is making things SO much fun. Just one small example here, we have the most AWESOME leverage (ie, being put on the naughty list) when he can't stop talking about "poopoo heads" at the dinner table. Suh-WEEET!
Don't forget to check this out ... there's a chance to win some goodies.


Nancy Grant said...

Congrats to your little sister! :-)

Cool card!!!

miren said...

wow i really like this card its really good for teenage girls , love the colors :) thanks for sharing