Saturday, September 01, 2007

Don't you ...

forget about me.
I really am still here. And even doing some stamping. Actually I whipped up this darling little number for my goddaughter's baptism which is tomorrow. It's all basic-gray-A-Muse-scallop-oval goodness. (My hubby said it's one of my best ever ... HA! What a sweet talkin' guy!) I just have to photograph it and get it on the computer. I also completed a little thank you card gift set this week and a couple cards to boot! Plus I have some fun projects I came across in the "pre-blog archives" that I would love to share. Alas all this boasting a bragging mean NOTHING as I don't actually have any of it ready to post. I promise tomorrow I'll work on getting them all up. And then you can ooh and aaah and tell me how much you love them and how FABULOUS you think they are.
Anyhoobie, enough with my rambling excuses, I hope you're all having a WONDERFUL long weekend! Later peeps!

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