Sunday, July 08, 2007

Productive day

Thanks to the hubby hangin' with the little peeps, I had a decent chunk of time to stamp today ... here are a few of my favorites from today. I posted the rest over at my Flickr Gallery.
Warning Tangent ahead ... I know I keep posting a lot of stuff over there ... I don't think I'll exclude stuff from my blog in the future but with A*Muse*A*Palooza wrapping up, I don't want to drown anyone in all these cards, etc. Maybe that seems a little counter intuitive for a stamping/craft blog but oh well ... plus you're all already drowning in repetitive updates from the A*Muse*A*Palooza blog but hey ... DID I MENTION I WANT TO BE THE NEXT A*MUSE*A*PALOOZA AMBASSADOR!!??? You may not have noticed. (OK, I'm done now. Tangent over.)

Now, where was I ... oh yes, favorites from today.
All images by A Muse. I really feel like I'm finally finding my groove with this pinata stamp. At first it seemed a little awkward for a stamp but now ... I LOVE IT. Especially colored apricot. I don't know why? Just do. The paper is by SU! and A Muse. The eyelet is from Hobby Lobby. The glitter and the precious, precious silver cord are by SU! Cutie patootie!
All images by A Muse. Awww yeah! I used an A Muse note card!!! The patterned paper is basic gray (romani/gypsy line -- can't escape it!) The 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" circle punches are by SU! There's glitter on all the flowers too.
I'm really pleased with how both of these cards really FEEL A MUSE-ish. Hoooray!

Lastly, I made this as a fun little thing to take with me to the A*Muse*A*Palooza events I'll be attending at the Ink Spot in St Louis, next Thursday and Friday. How cute is this?!?!?!

The "s" is for "such a dork"... just kidding. The "s" is from the Big Deal Alpha. from SU!, the rest of the images are A Muse. I love the color combo on the announcer! Check out the back ...

I used KF snap stamps and the ribbon stamp and "time for fun" sentiment are both by A Muse. The paper is all SU! The grosgrain ribbon is SU! and the dotted is by May Arts. There may or MAY NOT be more of these ... somewhere. Hmmm ....
All right, it is officially WAY past my bedtime. More tomorrow hopefully!


tami said...

totaaly awesome you rock!

sleepless in MN (tami) said...

Excuse typo from previous post!
You are the cardmaster and the A Muse Ambassador in my heart SB! Whatever the outcome I give you an A+ for effort all the way baby. You stuck in there thru thick and thin and posted something each and every day even wehen you were so tired. Been there, done that and I appreciate YOU Sarah!!! Always remember the journey is the reward!!!! If you don't win I will be very surprised. I think I emailed you my final predictions for the BIG CONTEST. Hugs! Hello toO everyone reading this LONG comment. I just blog on others blogs and just another LATE nite rambling!! Oh, and HI Liz just in case you are reading this~~~ tee hee!!! Happy AP week everyone!

the crazy stamper! said...

please excuse second typo in comment #2!!!

tami said...

OK...I'm back and you should win with the announcer badge tag alone. That is like the best ever. Did you make that to wear during the AP festivities? I want one so bad! How about for Christmas? HA, HA!! That is just the greatest and I love the color fav. colors! I just came back to my laptop and your blog was still up so I went into flicker and OH MY GOD. You better WIN is all I can say. I'm repeating myself but its the truth. I'm sorry I wrote a book on your blog. So So cool!! I've got the song "12 days of Christmas" in my head probably because I'm working on Christmas cards. Is that not crazy??? Dropping a tiny little safe AP hint. Recite the song...OH, and HI LIZ and Tish too and sis!!!

Liz said...

I'm with Tami on WISHING, HOPING, PRAYING that you are among the top contestants in the AMAP Ambassador contest. Your blog has challenged me to keep trying new things that are otherwise different from the norm. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tag! Can you make one for me?! LOL (sorta kidding, but sorta not...HAHAHA!)

Hi Tami, Tisha!

**Tami...can I get your e-mail addy?