Sunday, July 08, 2007

The last of it all ...

I powered through a bunch more cards (etc) this afternoon and evening. I seemed to get more done today though I had more TIME yesterday. I figured I'd post everything I did today here. Hoo hah. Everyone comfy? OK. Settle in folks.
In no particular order ... **All images by A Muse. All solid color card stock (including whisper white is by Stampin' Up!**
The patterned paper is from the new Basic Gray line (can't remember the name). The sentiment is stamped in versamark and embossed in pink EP. Does this pattern give you a headache? Maybe I've been staring at it too long, I think this was the first card I did today ... I have got to put that stuff away for a while.
Can you tell I stamped the sparkler behind the kissing couple? I stamped it in versamark and used iridescent ice EP. Maybe next time I'll emboss it with silver EP to make it stand out more ... awww, who am I kidding? I never do cards over. This note card is by A Muse.
The patterned paper is by A Muse, the ribbon is May arts and the clip is by making memories. Thanks to Elena S. for the inspiration.
There's glaze pen all over this little Seattle gal. Love her. I think she was my first A Muse stamp. I love her paired with this sentiment. The ribbon is may arts and the brads are SU!
I cannot remember who this paper is by ... I've had it in my scrap pile for months. I stamped the A Muse tiny flower along the bottom but it's hard to see in this crappy picture. Sorry. I'm lovin' red today peeps!
A super fun ATC ... the striped paper is by SU! I don't know where I got this superfine red glitter ... paper source maybe? But superfine glitter of any color ROCKS when applied to the quickie glue pen. It barely rubs off at all. Wow! Thanks to Taylor V for the inspiration on this one.
Heh?! Why don't I love this card? I love all the little parts separately but together this one just turned out "ahh-ight" for me. I'm just not feelin' it dawg. (To quote this guy.) Well, maybe I like it after all.
Simply ... weird. Does anyone even GET this card? Light a BBQ?! OK ... it's a stretch. Anyway, I really wanted to use my grill stamp tonight but ultimately I think this card needs the BBQ Dude. It's really sad to say but I don't have that stamp ... (sniff!) ... and technically, that sentiment's on loan as well. Poor little stamp girl am I. (ha! -- is anyone still reading this?)
Now this one I really like. I stamped the frame/sentiment on an A Muse PLP, cut it out and embossed it. It looks Suh-WEEET! And it totally has that A Muse feel (for me anyway). Thanks to Tami for the inspiration here.
I like this cosmo cricket patterned paper but it's hard to match up with SU! colors. Anyway ... I love Billy. He's so cute!
The dino is cut out and embossed in IIEP and the sentiment is embossed in pink EP. I think I may have a good chunk of my valentine's cards done for next year with all these LOVE themed cards tonight. Ha ha.
Here's a special card I made with my kiddo this afternoon. He picked out all the stamps and colors. I just helped with the stamping (yeah ... sorry pal-zee but no touching mommy's stamps or mommy gets a little neurotic!!!). He wanted to make a card for Auntie Aura and had to make sure it was "Sparkly" ... he also decorated it with a pencil sketch of a "robot" and, at the top, his name.
(Do you think I can count this one for Ambassador points???? HA HA HA!!!)
And last but not least, I'll show you what an A*Muse*A*Palooza Aftermath looks like ... check this out! Warning ... not for the highly anal retentive feint of heart ...
Important things to note so you can laugh at my slovenly mess: A) my actual "work area" has shrunk to a 6 inch square spot; 2) my stamp scrubber is an unholy black color and C) my trash overfloweth BIG TIME! Yikes! Say "Hi" to Willoughby! He keeps my chair warm and covered in cat hair for me.
OK. I think that's it for me folks. I'm done. What an absolute blast to have been part of this Second Annual A*Muse*A*Palooza. I really feel like I've grown as a stamper over the last 10 weeks. Mostly, I have had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and made some new friends in some really lovely stampers. I can't wait to go to the Ink Spot on Thursday night! Woo hoo! I'll be the one in the pink shirt, with the dorky badge and the goofy grin! See you there!


Fried Tami w/ one eyeball barely open!! said...

My God...what a fabulous finish Sarah! I'm so fried right now I can barely type. I'm all set for the BIG VIP party 31 and pretty close to being done on the three classes 21. Time for bed. I can't wait to crawl upstairs and get in bed and crash. I wish I could sleep all day but NO. I feel you dawg on the BIG mess stamping makes. Can you imagine what my room looks like?? You BETTER win chick. You SO deserve it. Love all the cards you made on Sunday. You rock SB!!!! Oh and Hi Liz...I love your new photo and that pretty shirt you are sporting!! Hopefully someday we will all meet up some place fun and have a stamping good time. Maybe it should be MOA or Seattle? Mall of America (MOA)

Happy AP week all from the mega super kitmaker woman. My poor hands hurt so bad and they were also in bleach today. Ouch! And later on it will be hair dye. My fingernails are a mess too and there's black ink all over them. Poor poor Tami! I need some one to dress me for tomorrow, do my hair, put my makeup on, and give me a manicure. How about carry all my stuff in too, set it all up, and clean up everything. Oh SB where are you when I need you???

Liz said...

Can I come to Tami's VIP party?! Great cards Sarah. Talk about BIZZY! I envy your work area (for the fact you have one). Mine is in our unfinished basement and I'm facing lovely cinderblock and poor lighting. I used to lug all my supplies upstairs to the kitchen table but that was unsightly! Ugh!

Anyhow, hoping the very best for you Sarah because you really did work hard and produced some AWESOME cards!

jennshurkus said...

i havent stumbled onto your blog before... youre a muse cards are adorable!!! i love how you use the grass and the tiny flower sooo cute!!!

happy amuseaplaooza!!!

mimihas5 said...

Sarah, I love every one of your cards! If I had to pick a favorite one..............I would not be able to. You certainly made lots and lots of them! I really enjoyed looking at the picture of your stamping room. Awesome!