Monday, June 04, 2007

Quickie rip off ...

I was able to make it to Scrapbook Friend'z in Bloomington, IL today (with a little side stop insanity for the kiddos at Chuckie Cheezes ... ugh, never ever again!). It was well worth it though, as I was able to satisfy an A Muse itch with some nifty new stamps. I was also terribly inspired by a card they had in the shop so I came home and cased it in about 2 seconds flat. Boo-yah.

All images by A Muse.
Paper and ink by SU! There's stardust Stickles on the birds. This is my very first EVER one layer A Muse card. Holy cow. I. will. not. go. back. and. add. something. Must. resist. urge.

OK. Well, since the boys here cannot resist the pre-5am wake up call, I had better hustle off to bed. What a DAY!!!! Whew!!!

ETA: That's a record folks. SEVEN posts in one day. WOW-zuh.

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Liz said...

I'm sure it was hard not to add more stuff to the card, but in my opinion, this works! Sometimes, less is more!

I'm a bit ignorant of "blogspeak", so please tell me what ETA stands for? (I know it's not "estimated time of arrival"!)