Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My daughter's invitations ...

are so absolutely more for me than for her or anyone else. I will just admit that right off the bat. I mean really, what TWO year old really gives a hoot? But if this paper craftin' biz is my passion (and it is) then what's the point if I can't knock my own socks off once in a while? And knock my socks off I did! Well my metaphorical socks, I never wear socks even though I have terribly cold feet all year long.

Here are a bunch of pics I took. Maybe posting a pic from every conceivable angle is overkill but I was silly enough to only make enough to send out and none to save. (Note to self: I have got find someone who won't mind giving it back ... hmmm, tacky but necessary??)

The whole group together. Don't they look cozy?

The first front close-up.

The second close-up of the front. I need to figure out how to keep them closed, or if I care.

The inside. Bad picture but CUTE stamps.

Close-up of the inside. That stamp could not be more adorable if it were a furry little kitten.

All images A Muse. The font is Nickelodeon (I probably picked it up, for free, at this site ... the best free font site around.) The paper, including the striped, is all by SU! The colors are pixie pink, pink passion, and pumpkin pie (and marigold morning for the lion's bod). I used stardust stickles on all the pinks and crystal stickles on all the pumpkin. I am TOO peeved that the stickles turned the pink ink totally DAY-GLO! BUT this card is still cuter than a fluffy little duckling so who cares!


Sarah fan!!!!!!!!!! said...

This one takes the cake. All I can say is you better win the darn contest. A+ for creativity and I love the card you made for your husband. How exciting you are going to Neil's concert!! I think you should buy some of those orange circus peanut candies and those cool lollipops for the party. Now you will have to make some cute A Muse party favors and cupcake toppers to carry out the Circus theme. WOW WEE is all I can say on these babies. I agree with you on the little girl stamp. She's just the sweetest thing ever!!!!!!!! Happy day my friend! I got up super early as I can't sleep in this yucky HUMIDITY!! Another scorcher day of 90+ degrees is predicted for MN!!

Liz said...

Wow, there's a Sarah fan club?! Your daughter's invitations are simply AWESOME. How did you make the scalloped edges for the tent? The colors are perfect, stickles are perfect... I'm surprised you're not sending this one in for Challenge #7! It's full of bada-bling!

Julie Masse said...

Very cute!!! I am using these same stamps to make my son's birth announcements - love them!! Great job with your invitations!

Connie said...

These are awesome, great big top look and feel, fun, fun colors.