Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bizzy Day.

I got a lot of stamping done today. I was really going for "think simple. think A Muse." Thus ... EIGHT cards!!! It's amazing what I can do when I don't OVER THINK my cards. I really feel I'm trying TOO hard and making my cards too complicated lately. I'm much happier with what I turned out today versus what I did yesterday. PLUS, There's only ONE week to go until A*Muse*A*Palooza and I want to FINISH STRONG in the Ambassador Competition!!!

ANYWAY ... rather than run up a long tally of posts here with all these cards, I'm posting them ALL in my Flickr Gallery. ***A quick Flickr tutorial in case you want to look at close ups of these cards, all you have to do when you're in the MAIN gallery is: #1) click on the picture you want to look at; #2) then click on the "all sizes" button above the picture. This should give a decent ZOOMed in view. I JUST figured this out so I thought I'd share.***
I'm going to post a group shot and my favorite of the day. If you have ANY questions about these cards (especially regarding what materials I used or techniques) please feel free to post a comment here or email me a question. OK ... now for pictures.

Hee hee. They look so cute all huddled together like that!

Here's my favorite from today. Though, I was so pleased with myself (uh oh), it was hard to pick only one.

All images by A Muse. The strawberry has glaze pen and then, before the glaze what totally set/dry, I outlined the strawberry with quickie glue pen and tossed on some DD glitter! The result is some seriously sparkly fruits. The sentiment is detail embossed in white. The ribbon is by May Arts (I think!?). I also layer THREE! 3! marvy mega scalloped squares behind the fruit layer. (I'm still using a stash of those squares Tish gave me from when she did this. Isn't she talented? Isn't her baby CUTE!?)
Don't forget to check out the rest of the cards. I had a lot of fun today. Also, if you haven't registered for A*Muse*A*Palooza yet then for pete's sake get hoppin'!! And tell 'em Sarah Bertolino sent you!!! Have a great tomorrow!!


Liz said...

No wonder you had such a hard time picking just one! They're all GORGEOUS. I like the faux stitching with the nurse. I think Emily showed that one on her blog. Can't wait to try that one myself. The berry card looks good enough to eat! How do you manage to make 8 AWESOME cards in one day??

Nancy said...

They are all so cute, it's hard for me to pick a favorite. Thank you so much for sharing.I am a big fan of your blog, and I hope you will keep posting even after A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA. I was curious what kind of white ink was used on the sentiment on the "Berry" card?

Sarah said...

I stamped the sentiment in versamark ink and then embossed it with detail white embossing powder. Thanks for asking,

tami said...

hey you
I wrote a big long comment last nite and I don't see it. I was really tired and obviously out of it. I wanted to compliment you on all these awesome A Musse cards. Speaking of cards, my cards from your swap arrived today. I haven't even opened them yet. Lots of goodies in the mail today. Have a super evening. Knowing you, I'm sure you will be stamping tonight!! tami