Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pithy blog title.

I think I blew all my creativity allotment for the day on figuring out how to get the following card to come together. But I did and it did and the end result is this rockin' 5.5 x 5.5" card.

Sigh. It's so pretty I seriously can't get over myself. I'm just going to bask a moment in this pleasant if somewhat infrequent feeling of accomplishment. {......ahhh.....} Anyway. Yeah me!

OK, back to the card ... I used a clear glaze (sakura) pen for the top of the umbrella, so it looks shiny and pretty cool. I used a silvery sparkly (sakura) gel pen for the umbrella handle and "metal parts" and a little crystal sticker for the bottom of the umbrella handle. The flowers on her dress are colored over with the SU signo white gel pen. I sponged every ding dong layer with either certainly celery or old olive. The white brads I made myself with white EP and making mem. silver brads.

This gal is called Taking a Stroll. She's an InkyAntics image. The sentiment is from Blooming With Happiness from SU! and the little pink flower (which is cut out and then glued down and has an A Muse micro candy crystal thingy in the center) is from Simply Said also by SU! The patterned paper is SU! from their new "Palette of Prints" promotion. The ribbon is SU! grosgrain in lt pink, celery and moss (?), which doesn't look quite as dark in real life.

AND on a totally unrelated note ... I got tagged!! {By Joanne B, who's doing something totally fabulous and altruistic on her blog ... quick, go see how cool it is!!!} How fun. I guess the gist is you're supposed to give 7 things about yourself and then tag other bloggers. Unfortunately, I don't know any other bloggers (except the Old Man) personally, (I know a few talented folks who COULD be blogging but aren't, *cough, cough* you know who you are, get busy *cough, cough*) so I'll just share my info. Maybe I'll get the the nerve to tag one or two of my stamping "idols" and see what comes of it.

  1. SEVEN is my lucky number. I always get a little zing of happiness when there's a #7 in something (shopping total, etc...) and, to be honest, I'm still bummed my SU demo number doesn't have one.
  2. My favorite author is Jane Austen and my favorite book of hers and of all time is Pride and Prejudice. Genius.
  3. I love all kinds of music and don't consider myself to have a specific genre as my fave (though my bro-in-law amusingly rates my taste as between wuss and medium wuss - totally NOT TRUE, by the way!). On a related note, I don't think anyone will disagree with me when I say that Journey (real Journey WITH Steve Perry not faux-Journey without SP) is the best arena-rock, power-ballad band ever AND anyone who says they don't like Journey is LYING!!! Don't. stop. believing. Hold on to that fee-lay-eee-ang!
  4. I have one tattoo (from my quarter-life-crisis) and it's of the Japanese Kanji symbol for my middle name.
  5. I can't watch the movie Die Hard because of all those scenes of him walking around barefoot near broken glass. Stepping on sharp things is a serious phobia of mine and I have to stop typing about it because it's actually making me nauseous.
  6. My 4yr old said "girl" correctly for the first time tonight. Up til now, he's always called girls "grills" which I thought was totally adorable. "Mom, are you a boy or a grill?"
  7. I made this card for my sister Aura because that's what YOUR friendship is like for me. I love YOU very much and am really grateful that YOU don't hold all the rotten things I did to YOU growing up against me. Just in case I don't tell you often enough.


Allison said...

Super duper card...love the colors and embellishments!

Liz said...

Looks like a masterpiece! You are entitled to gloat. You did a wonderful job on this card. I'm sure Aura will just love it!

Julie said...

Beautiful card - everything is soooo pretty!! Loved reading your 7 facts - Jane Austin is also my all time fav!! We have several things in common - fun! :)

Heidi said...

This card is beautiful! I love how you combined the SU sentiment with the Inky Antics stamp! Beautiful colors and layout!

Pegi Taylor said...

Wow . . . this card is awesome!!! I love everything about it. Your sister sure is lucky to have you. I hope she loves her card.

Chris Hauck said...

I love this card! The colors are soooo refreshing. Beautiful job!
Thanks for sharing,