Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Still nuttin'

OK, I'm still at my sisters and have NOTHING crafty to post. Wah! We actually have gotten some fun stuff made but I need to scan it here. It's rather difficult to get much accomplished during the day with 4 who are 4 and younger (eep!) and then we're both wiped out after they're finally all in bed for the night (ostensibly ... I only have a 50% sleep-through-the-night factor going on lately). Anywhooooo, we're headed for a masochistic (what would you call bringing 4 kids with us?) trip to the LSS. Thank heavens for the DVD player in the mini. Hopefully we'll bring home some fun goodies and not break the bank or our sanity. More later, I promise.

PS. Blog candy ... two words: A. Muse.

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