Saturday, October 21, 2006

&$*#^ $ Routers!!!!

Ok. Really, I am not this flaky -- well maybe I am but I have been wanting to post all week BUT ... Our laptop gave us the blue windows screen of death and had to be reborn / rebaptized / trial by fire sort of thing. By the time THAT got "FIXED" we couldn't get our wireless/any kind of internet to work.

Stymied. Thwarted. Deprived.

By yesterday I was feeling like an internet junkie gone cold turkey. It's so sad. But while the router is bad (stupid cheap linksys router) we are back online on the main confuser, so that's good. The upside is that I got a lot of stampin/cuttin/craftin done this week. All in all it's been a good week. We had an eval meeting with all of Missypants's therapists that went really well. Three of the last seven nights, she's slept all the way through IN HER BED!!! Misterpant's had a really good week, too (until yesterday when he came down with a fever -- boo germs!), and Tuesday night did possibly THE CUTEST THING he's ever done to date. That's really saying something since he's sweet most of the time and never forgets to give his baby sister a kiss when we pick him up from school.

Ok, Tuesday night we were coming home from dinner and he requested "MUZ-GET" (music) and wanted to listen to Oasis (no haters, please, they were good once) AND he started to sing along OUTLOUD. Anyone who knows this kid knows what a trick it is to get him to sing-- even at a birthday party for his dad this fall "Happy Birthday" was him screaming "Please Stop Singing!" to the serious amusement of all his uncles. Anyway it was so wonderful to hear him mumbling along to "Cast No Shadow". He really is our boy!!! The first two things that rushed to my head were A) it was a reminder of how fast he's growing up (SNIFF!!!) and 2) that he hears and absorbs EVERYTHING, so no more Kanye West "explicit lyrics" in the car. Eeeep!!

I know I have more to say but I have to scoot. More crafty-biz today. Will write again soon -- barring computer disaster.

Word to my homey (the one person who reads this ... you know who you are).

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